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Having all your family members wanting to get ready with you on your special day is a beautiful moment but can be a complete mess if you are trying to coordinate the appointments yourself 

glamming up your special moment

Bridal season is one of our favorite times of year to celebrate love with you guys! We have been for the past 12 years and picked up a thing or two to help you make this special moment in your life go as smoothly as possible. We will provide you and your bridal team with a hair and makeup schedule for the special day, We have on-site travel services available, touch-up services at your reception, and a bridal touch-up kit to help keep your bridal makeup and hair stay effortless all day and night.


bridal trail

A bridal trail is the most important service you will book for your special day. It gives your professional a chance to analyze your skin type, eyes and face shape, hair type, and goals for all the special events. Here is where the artist can tell you what looks will look most effortless on you or more glamorous depending on the vibe you want to give. We will do a mockup hair and makeup look to give us an idea of how your makeup/hair will stay to make any changes to techniques and products to not run into any beauty problems on your special day.


engagement photoshoot

You are engaged! Yasssss girl! Ok this is a big moment because unless your honey had a professional photographer when you got proposed this is the first time you have a planned announcement to your friends and family where you can plan the look/vibe/theme of your wedding. We usually tell our brides to do it the day of their bridal trail to avoid coming into the salon extra time, and extra service.

wedding day hair + makeup

On your special day, we have on-site services or you can come and get glammed up in our beauty shop, we will take care of you and or your bridal party together with the schedule we created for you guys. We will have our lightning if we are doing on-site services please make sure we have an area to set up for makeup and hair services. The bride will get her touch-up kit but you can add on touch-up services for your venue.

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Cosmetic pink bag, close up. Holographic makeup bag with metallic zipper lies on pink back

bridal touch-up kit

Starting 2024 all brides booked with us will receive a bridal touch-up kit with everything you need to keep your bridal hair and makeup together all day and night long! Along with goodies, you didn't even know! This was an extra little service we wanted to get together for you so you can enjoy your special day! It comes with your bridal services but you can also buy (preorder) one alone.


My name is Lili

I've been a bridal hair and makeup professional for 12 years helping brides and their families experience getting ready joyfully together as effortless as possible as our brides let us

My education and working experience is extensive in celebrity makeup and hair artists training and music award experience including celebrity work on my own.

I've recruited and trained a full glam travel team to take care of you from start to finish on your special day

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